No Need for Gun Control?

Our constitution here in the U.S. gives us the right to bear arms. It was added to the constitution so that we could bring up a national guard to protect this country should we need to. At that time too, the people did not have a Safeway or Lucky Store to buy food at. They had to go out and hunt to sustain themselves. Today we have the benefit of a grocery store so that we can bring meats to our tables. And we have an armed force to defend this country.

Here is a really good reason that we do not need gun control in this country as it appears on today’s headline news…From…”MASS KILLINGS AT SCHOOL.”

Yes, today 27 were killed at an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! An elementary school! How sad is that? One of possibly two gunmen has been killed, shot down in a classroom. 18 of the 27 killed were kids. Kids! This shooting has the possibility of being the second worst school shooting in our country. Remember the shooting at Virginia Tech in 2007? 32 people died and 17 others were wounded on that sad day back on April 16th 2007. Remember the shooting at Columbine High School in Colorado back in 1999? 15 died and 21 others were injured.

How many more will die before this country toughens up the gun control laws? How many? Write your Congressman and Senators to put a stop to this type of needless heartache and death!


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2 Responses to No Need for Gun Control?

  1. PJ says:

    Maybe we should include a “bullet control” bill as well, so when the a–wipes in Congress keep letting guns out there then maybe the gun owners won’t be able to get bullets for the guns. True gun control would take decades to a century to implement. The sooner it begins the sooner to the end of that century to fully implement it. Think about it, what does a gun owner truly need it for other than intimidation or to kill someone. Yes – I do understand the pros as well but HOW MANY children need to be slaughtered before the country realizes the need for control?

  2. babso2you says:

    Other countries with similar situations have banned certain guns and dealt with mass killings like this which has had a positive effect on their countries. We should do the same, but the NRA is in a lot of pockets in Washington, and they have perverted the meaning as was written in our constitution.

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