Nomophobia – A New Neurosis

Well, if you follow us, you might have thought that we dropped off the map. We did not, we just took a break. The election for President here in the U.S. was upcoming, now over, thank God because the political commercials reigned supreme over the internet, the television and the radio stations. We finally have time to breathe and now to rant about the newest affliction of the world: Nomophobia!

What the heck is “Nomophobia,” you are asking. Here is the definition:

It is the fear of being without a mobile phone! Again, it is the fear of being without a mobile phone! This has us shaking our heads. This also has us asking ourselves, “What is happening to the people of this world that they cannot do without a mobile phone?”

Let’s go back in time. Let’s go back to the days when a telephone never existed. What did they do then? They wrote a letter or sent a telegram. If they couldn’t do that, they simply could not, and it was not diagnosed as a neurosis.

Society today has become a society of whiners. Really, they are whiners. I want something my way; I want something to work the way that I think it should; I want; I want; I want, and if I do not get my way, everyone else will have to pay for it somehow, someway.

This is really what it is all about today. We have a younger generation who feels that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter. They take for granted the technology that exists today that was created by past generations, and they simply cannot do without it! But the real problem is that they cannot think without those technological devices to tell them what is is that they need to do. How sad is that?

I heard earlier this year, 2012, on the radio an ad for a upcoming series to be featured on NBC, called “Revolution,” which is said to be about, “a global blackout that thrusts the world into a new dark age.” It is an age where there is no electricity; no internet; no telephones; no television or radio; and no refrigerators or microwaves! What will they do? I repeat, what will people do?

Let me ask this: What did they do before we had electricity? What did they do before the internet? What did they do before telephones? What did they do before we had television or radio? How did they store food and cook it before refrigerators and microwaves? What did they do? How did they survive? They found ways to make things work so that they could survive! It was their discovery of making things work that has led to the technology of today.

We should be more involved today in being self sufficient, and knowing how to survive even one night, or ten, without electricity, internet, telephones, television, radio, refrigerators, microwaves, et al… Oh, but that means that someone will have to do something! To the younger generations out there: Time to go back to the books, real books, using pencil and pen, and start to learn how to live life in the event that these things disappear, so that YOU CAN SURVIVE!

So those suffering from this new neurosis called Nomophobia, should be more concerned with the newest phobia: One that we are naming today. It is known as the: LivingLifeWithoutPhobia, or the LLWPhobia! Get with the program now because at some point, your life will depend on it!


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2 Responses to Nomophobia – A New Neurosis

  1. babso2you says:

    What will they come up with next? In my day we did not have half the phobias that there are today…sounds like folks in the field of psychology are looking to bolster their incomes from the money big pharma is handing out! Great post!

  2. PJ says:

    Points well made, and that should be taken! Relying too much on technology to get you through everyday life is something that too many people are doing. Thinking for yourself, and simple common sense have disappeared in too many people. I’ll bet 90 percent of people wouldn’t be able to start a fire without matches or lighters……….sad! This thought of having to be in constant access, or have constant access, or share every waking moment on some social website is only important to those that don’t have a life!

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