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The Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins are alive and well and thriving in the world of today. What are the seven deadly sins? By today’s standards they are: Wrath; Greed; Sloth; Pride; Lust; Envy; and Gluttony. The seven deadly sins are objectionable … Continue reading

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No Need for Gun Control?

Our constitution here in the U.S. gives us the right to bear arms. It was added to the constitution so that we could bring up a national guard to protect this country should we need to. At that time too, … Continue reading

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Gas Prices in California…Enough is Enough!

The last time I filled up my gas tank I paid $3.98 a gallon. That was on September 29th. Today the local gas prices are over $4.50 per gallon here in California. Not a big deal for those in other … Continue reading

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Will You Pay Me Back?

The fight is on for votes on the upcoming elections. Have you heard about the one political party candidates who want to get rid of Medicare? For those who do not know, Medicare is a social insurance program started in … Continue reading

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Good night David, Goodnight Chet, and good night from….

If you remember that sign off then you will know of what I speak.  Mid 1950’s the TV news is not as it is today.  National news was a fifteen minute program for NBC.  CBS pumped that up to a … Continue reading

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