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No Need for Gun Control?

Our constitution here in the U.S. gives us the right to bear arms. It was added to the constitution so that we could bring up a national guard to protect this country should we need to. At that time too, … Continue reading

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Who is better……….?

Better at putting a spin on things. Is it a Disk Jockey or a politician? If you picked the latter you win! I hate election years in the good ol’ USA. The lies that are spun on both sides of … Continue reading

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Farewell to Jimmy?

The past week, or so, I have seen TV reports of the continued search for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa.  This time in a driveway of a Michigan house.  Previously he has been reported to be in New Jersey or … Continue reading

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Good night David, Goodnight Chet, and good night from….

If you remember that sign off then you will know of what I speak.  Mid 1950’s the TV news is not as it is today.  National news was a fifteen minute program for NBC.  CBS pumped that up to a … Continue reading

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