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OOH, I like to do the side step……………..

Ever see the movie Best Little Whore House In Texas?  If not you must, if for no other reason than to see one excellent scene.  For those that have not seen the film here is a brief ….. Bert Reynolds … Continue reading

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Stain On Them

As promised this is another wrant on corporate USA and some steps taken to alleviate the “We don’t care” attitude that many companies seem to take these days.  So, sit back, read on, and pick up a few more tidbits … Continue reading

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Truth In Advertising………….huh?

Advertising has been with us, and past generations, for centuries.  We know its purpose – to have us buy some product, to tout the product as the best ever, new and improved, jumbo sized and something you can’t live without.  … Continue reading

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