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Gas Prices in California…Enough is Enough!

The last time I filled up my gas tank I paid $3.98 a gallon. That was on September 29th. Today the local gas prices are over $4.50 per gallon here in California. Not a big deal for those in other … Continue reading

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Let Us Help You Be Legal…Illegally

At work the other day I took a phone call from a company whose name shall remain anonymous. What they were offering was astounding to me but it was not the first company to offer the company where I work … Continue reading

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Bread and Butter in Business

This is a post on the three B’s. Bread, butter, and business. If you plan on having a business or if you work for a business, the story is a story to always keep in mind. Whether you are a … Continue reading

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Here Piggy Piggy

My electric and gas utility company has been cited as the most expensive power utility in the USA. Their rates are higher, their bank balance is bulging, and they get what they want from the public utilities commission. Sadly, as … Continue reading

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The Phone Call to Customer Service

You need to talk to customer service of a business over an issue you are having with their service, billing, or whatever other issue you might have. You call the customer service telephone number. Here is one scenario of what … Continue reading

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Stain On Them

As promised this is another wrant on corporate USA and some steps taken to alleviate the “We don’t care” attitude that many companies seem to take these days.  So, sit back, read on, and pick up a few more tidbits … Continue reading

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Do You Use United Parcel Service?

If you are a company and you use United Parcel Service, UPS hereafter, take note. This article is about how they operate and bill you, the customer, their bread and butter, for the services they provide. Now generally, most folks … Continue reading

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