Cruisin’ down the highway……..

Recently Wrant and Wrave took a short break from writing any blogs as we both needed a well deserved vacation.  If you have read our series it generally has to do with a (w)rant rather than a (w)rave.

Well, it’s time for a rave.  Our vacation was a driving one this time.  We didn’t venture too far from home as we hadn’t visited our neighboring counties in years.  So this vacation we decided to visit California’s Gold Country and one of the most beautiful national parks, Yosemite.

Our California politicians are always whining that the State is broke, there is no money for anything, other than politicians, and as such we didn’t expect our State highways to be in decent shape.  Little did we know how great they have been maintained.  Generally I am one to badger our State’s department of transportation for they have not always been the most efficient agency.

Well, this year anyway, I must do a 180 degree turn on my usual viewpoint. 

As we travelled on State Highway 49, which traverses the gold country of the State, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that most of it has been repaved.  Those sections not newly paved were in good enough shape not to warrant repaving.  State highways 108, 120, and 4 were all in beautiful condition in this area of the State.  As with Hwy 49 they were either newly paved or in excellent enough condition not to need repaving. 

The roads were so smooth our old car’s ride improved and smoothed as we went along.

So – in this rare rave – I say thank you to CalTrans for doing a great job in making these highways a safe and enjoyable experience.

But then I almost forgot – it is an election year!

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Farewell to Jimmy?

The past week, or so, I have seen TV reports of the continued search for the remains of Jimmy Hoffa.  This time in a driveway of a Michigan house.  Previously he has been reported to be in New Jersey or Florida and of course a ton of money was used to see if he could be found.

I’m sorry, how much has this cost taxpayers?  Simply…………..TOO MUCH.  Hoffa went missing at the end of July in 1975 and was declared legally dead the end of July 1982. 

Thirty years have passed since he was declared legally dead, yet the search goes on and on and on, kind of like the Energizer Bunny.  But at what cost to taxpayers?

I have tried to find out how much money has been spent looking for Hoffa in the past thirty years and didn’t find mention of any monetary amount.  However, since government agencies have always been involved in this worthless venture I can imagine the amount is staggering. 

Let us not forget Hoffa was convicted of jury tampering, sent to prison for 13 years but pardoned by another questionable person – Richard M. Nixon.  One crook helping another, what a great country!

My point in this wrant is – wouldn’t it be nice if the government agencies, local, state, and federal, that have wasted countless money in a search for a dead man, could have spent that money on those in this country that barely get enough to eat.

Did you know one in four children will go hungry today?  In the United States?  Sad? YES!

Looking for a long disappeared dead felon is, as always in my opinion, a travesty to those living and starving in this country. Hoffa is gone, now for 37 years, so get over it.  Life is for the living, shouldn’t our tax dollars be going to feed the living rather than being wasted on the circling buzzards looking for a corpse? 

Look at it another way, if you’re 37, 38, 39, or 40 you don’t have any recollection of Hoffa anyway.  If you’re younger you’ll care even less.  If you’re my age and remember Hoffa as the leader of the IBT, remember him being sent to prison, remember his disappearance and the searches since then, then maybe it’s time to say farewell to Jimmy as I’m getting to old to care.

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Good night David, Goodnight Chet, and good night from….

If you remember that sign off then you will know of what I speak.  Mid 1950’s the TV news is not as it is today.  National news was a fifteen minute program for NBC.  CBS pumped that up to a thirty minute show and so the others had to follow.

Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, now these guys were reporters.  They garnished news and facts and reported them in a manner that made people trust their reporting.  They had backgrounds in war, politics, researching, and stating what was on their mind or asking questions.

Yes, they were reporters, anchormen, TV personalities, but they reported on real news, real sorrow, real tragedy.  They were accepted as being men of their word, respectable, honest, and they told us that that’s the way it is.  At one point in his life Walter Cronkite was held in higher regard than any other person in this country.

Granted they had corporate sponsors, sponsors have money, money talks.  Yet I never had the feeling these men were promoting hidden agendas, corporate viewpoints, or stated anything not factually true.

Fast forward 50 or 60 years and it just ain’t the same any more.  I can’t, probably won’t, and simply do not trust news agencies anymore.  They remind me of William Randolph Hearst and how he manipulated his empire to report news in a manner that wasn’t necessarily true, bloated with mis-information, and his empire was used to get what he wanted.  Not necessarily a good thing.  That was 100 plus years ago, and those folks are back.  Now remember, this is my opinion, maybe right, maybe wrong, but at least I have it.

One TV news company has a small canine breeds name. This company will blatantly take facts and twist, bend and edit them to be molded in some half truth they want you to hear.  Another TV news leader with a capital letters name, does the same but in so doing does a reverse twist, reverse bend, and reverse edit so that they can mold the news to be dialectically opposed to their competitor. 

Don’t even get me started on Internet News and reporting!  Usually their reports are a regurgitation of TV news, and sometimes TV news is a regurgitation of the Internet.  Too many times I have seen a local news anchor harvesting news from his close-by computer screen which is tuned to Wahoo news, or some such site.

TV news no longer has the credibility it used to.  These news groups now simply bend to their master’s(owner’s) will.  They must report only what they want you to hear in a fashion that behooves them, not your intellect.  They will try to pound their rhetoric and viewpoint into your head until you simply don’t know any better due to confusion.  This is done simply to gather political favor, corporate money, and wage war with your intelligence.

And none of these ‘reporters’ asks questions, have you ever really noticed this?  They say they do but not really.  Why hasn’t anyone asked the simple question of Mr. Mitt Romney which is, “Why aren’t you showing us your tax returns, what are you hiding from the people you want to vote for you?”  Or of the current President, “President Obama, why haven’t more jobs been created for the country’s unemployed? Should the government require American companies to hire American workers?”

The persona that TV news shows emit, in these days, again my opinion, is simple regurgitation of a news story that came from some other source.  Investigative TV news is non-existent.  Most TV news is told with corporate rhetoric in mind, which only benefits the TV news owner(s).

Below is a brief excerpt from a write-up about Walter Cronkite – bet you can’t mention a TV news person these days that would try to get equality for you if you wanted to run for a political office.

Excerpt begins – Cronkite was a vocal advocate for free airtime for political candidates.[8] He worked with the Alliance for Better Campaigns[8] and Common Cause,[9] for instance, on an unsuccessful lobbying effort to have an amendment added to the McCain-Feingold-Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2001 that would have required TV broadcast companies to provide free airtime to candidates. Cronkite criticized the present system of campaign finance which allows elections to “be purchased” by special interests, and he noted that all the European democracies “provide their candidates with extensive free airtime.”[58] “In fact,” Cronkite pointed out, “of all the major nations worldwide that profess to have democracies, only seven — just seven — do not offer free airtime”[58] This put the United States on a list with Ecuador, Honduras, Malaysia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago. Cronkite concluded that “The failure to give free airtime for our political campaigns endangers our democracy.”[58] During the elections held in 2000, the amount spent by candidates in the major TV markets approached $1 billion. “What our campaign asks is that the television industry yield just a tiny percentage of that windfall, less than 1 percent, to fund free airtime.”

So when I see the perfect tooth smile, perfect hair grooming, $3000 suits and dresses, and other repair work to today’s TV news folk I simply don’t watch because I can’t believe in them as people who should be unbiased and truthful in what they tell us.  There simply seems to be no integrity anymore.

And that’s the way it is September, 2012. Good night David; Good night Chet, and good night from all of us here at wrantandrave.

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People Turning on People

In the sleepy town of La Porte, TX, Tammy Cooper, a stay at home Mom, is sitting on her lawn chair watching her 6 and 9 year old kids playing in front of their house.  This town boasts a population of around 33,000.  It is a quiet place to live and was the site of the Battle of San Jacinto that ended the Texas Revolution resulting in Texas gaining independence from Mexico.

As Ms. Cooper sits in her chair watching her kids at play in the cul de sac where they live, little does she know that a neighbor has called the police informing them that no one is watching her children as they play on their scooters in front of the house.  A few hours after the call comes in, the La Porte Police Department dispatches officers to the residence where they arrest Ms. Cooper  for child endangerment.  She is taken into custody and held for 18 hours.

The arrest, according to Ms. Cooper, was unfounded, humiliating and costly.  Her legal fees alone are upwards of $7,000.  She is suing the La Porte Police Department and her neighbor.

What is really sad is that kids can no longer play outside their homes without supervision.  I remember as a kid playing outside our house for hours, or going off to the park or school grounds with friends, all unsupervised.   I remember Mom telling me to be back before dark.

What is really bothersome about this case is that the La Porte Police took the neighbor at her word.  The article does not indicate that the police visited the woman filing the complaint, nor did they question Ms. Cooper.   In Ms. Cooper’s own words the Police showed up at her door and said that they were there for her as they arrested her.

And it seems enough people are outraged by what happened to Ms. Cooper which can be read by viewing the Yahoo news article.  Here is the link to the article, which includes an interview with Ms. Cooper.  In the video you catch a glimpse of the neighbor who filed the complaint, and she refused to comment.  The link: 

Mom Sues the La Porte, TX Police

I remember back in history to a time not all that long ago, in a country far, far away, where all one had to do was inform the “police” on a person, and the person was carted off to a “jail” of sorts.  No questions, no investigation, just the word of one person against another.  Are we seeing the beginnings of a repeat in history?  Time will tell.

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Phone Calls continued – HELLO!

An earlier blog ‘Why Are Political Calls Exempt?’ hit on the subject of the National Do Not Call Registry.  This write-up continues that topic but with the unwanted solicitations of those that want your money.  (Granted – politicians want your money as well, but this deals with private businesses.)

We all receive the unsolicited calls for such things as: sell your time share, improve your credit, refinance your house, and similar calls. When you answer the phone and say hello there is usually a pause, then either a robotic recording starts spewing their spiel or a non-coherent person begins a sales babblethon.

With the robot you have no choice but to hang up. With the person you can state that you’re on the Do Not Call registry and ask why they are calling only then to be hung up on. I must have received at least 10 calls from some outfit that has a message that begins, “Hello, this is credit card services, no there is nothing wrong with your credit card accounts, however, we can lower your interest rates, press one to speak to a representative, press three to stop receiving these phone calls.”

Let me simply put it this way, I have worn out the number three button on my phone.

Usually you do not get a real name of a business, if you press one and do talk to a person and ask for a business name they usually hang up.

What our phone companies should offer us is free Incoming Call blocking. That way we could program our phones with only the telephone numbers we wish to hear from, period, simple, end of problem. Just like spam for our e-mail. Our phone company does have call blocking but it is for blocking numbers we don’t want others, those who may be using our phone, to call.  They also offer a form of call blocking for the last number that called, or if you know the phone number of the call you want to block.  Why can’t they just take a list of phone numbers I want to ring through then every other number would be blocked.  The technology is there, but then I guess the phone company would have to spend some of their own money to write a program to do this.  Presently any blocking the phone company does offer is a pay service.  I think some phone manufacturer should begin to build this into their phones. 

My advice is to have fun. If you get one of these annoying calls then play along.  An example conversation can go like this:

Ring, Ring – “Hello”, (pause)”Hello!” Then you hear, “Yes, hello my name is Tim and I’m calling about your timeshare, we’re interested in buying it.” You- “Oh, sure glad you called. You can have it for $250 thousand.” Tim, “Well, ah, oh, it’s not worth that kind of money.” You – “But you called me wanting to buy it so you can have it for the $250 thousand, I didn’t call you so I assume you must really want it. Oh, and I’ll need that in cash, sorry no checks.” Tim- simply hangs up.

The point is whether or not there is a Do Not Call Registry you will get calls from those that are exempt, not exempt, politicians, groups, and whatever group or individual that wants your money. So have fun, if a Democrat calls tell them your a Republican, and vice versa. A pollster- tell them you can’t vote as a condition of your parole since being let go from prison. A telemarketer – tell them you already bought their crap and thank them for calling because you need their address to return it and couldn’t find it anywhere. You get the idea. Turn lemons into lemonade.

I can hardly wait for my next unsolicited phone call!  My way of ‘blocking’ will be cheaper than the phone company, and more fun.

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Why Are Political Calls Exempt?

Well, here we are in the U.S. with another election and voting on State propositions coming up, and here come the calls on the phone from not only candidates wanting your support but those who back State propositions contacting you as well.

So the first thing you ask yourself is: Didn’t I sign up on the National Registry through the Federal Trade Commission for having my telephone number listed on the “Do Not Call” list? Why then am I hearing from these folks?

The answer: The National Do Not Call Registry applies to any plan, program, or campaign to sell goods or services through interstate phone calls. This includes telemarketers who solicit consumers, often on behalf of third party sellers. It also includes sellers who provide, offer to provide, or arrange to provide goods or services to consumers in exchange for payment.

The National Do Not Call Registry does not limit calls by political organizations, charities, or telephone surveyors.”

Who is exempt? Here you go:


What is an Exempt Organization?

In general, an Exempt Organization is not required to access the National Do Not Call Registry, but is allowed access as an Exempt Organization, if one or more of the following is true:

Your organization is not subject to either the FTC’s or the FCC’s jurisdiction. For example, a non-profit charitable organization may be an Exempt Organization, assuming, of course, that it is truly a non-profit. Entities that have been granted tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code are not necessarily Exempt Organizations for purposes of the National Do Not Call Registry. See, e.g., FTC v. National Consumer Council, Inc., and FTC v. Debt Management Foundation Services, Inc., at
Your organization does not engage in any “telemarketing” or “telephone solicitation” activities, as defined by the FTC and FCC, respectively. For example, survey calls and political polling calls are not covered by the definition of “telemarketing” or “telephone solicitations.” An organization that places ONLY these types of calls may be an Exempt Organization.
Your organization qualifies for one or more of the specific exemptions contained in the FTC’s and FCC’s rules, such as:

you only call to solicit charitable contributions; or
you only call consumers with whom you have an established business relationship; or
you only call consumers from whom you have received written permission to call; or
you only make business-to-business calls.

If you are a for-profit telemarketer, you are NOT an Exempt Organization, even if you call consumers on behalf of an Exempt Organization, such as a non-profit. See, e.g., National Federation of The Blind v. FTC, 420 F.3d 331 (4th Cir. 2005).

Additionally, you must be accessing the National Registry solely to prevent telephone calls to telephone numbers on the National Registry.

Whether your organization is exempt is a decision that requires an understanding of the FTC’s and FCC’s requirements, as well as your specific business practices. Therefore, whether you should subscribe as an Exempt Organization is a decision you must make. In making this decision, you may wish to consult with an attorney.

If you are not an Exempt Organization and you have nevertheless subscribed to the Registry as an Exempt Organization, you may be subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. If you subscribed as an Exempt Organization by mistake, and wish to withdraw your subscription, please contact the Help Desk.

You may wish to consider the following materials when deciding whether to subscribe to the National Do Not Call Registry as an Exempt Organization:

The FTC Act at 15 U.S.C. §§ 41-58 and related case law.
The Communications Act at 47 U.S.C. §§ 151-757 and related case law.
The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) at 47 USC §227 and related case law.
The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act at 15 U.S.C. §§ 6101-6108 and related case law.
The Telemarketing and Consumer Fraud Abuse Prevention Act at 15 U.S.C. §§ 6101-6108 and related case law.
The Do Not Call Implementation Act at P.L.108-10, 117 Stat. 557, and related case law.
The Telemarketing Sales Rule at 16 C.F.R. § 310 and related Agency statements and case law.
The FCC’s rules implementing the TCPA at 47 C.F.R. § 64.1200 and related Agency statements and case law.

NOTE: You may also want to review the requirements in those states in which you plan to do business and/or to which you plan to place calls. Many states prohibit calls to telephone numbers listed on the National Do Not Call Registry.

For more information, please see FTC INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTS above.”

The above quoted information comes from the Do Not Call site set up by government:

Well, as this is law, guess who wants to exempt themselves from this? We keep getting calls for CA Proposition 32. How many so far? Four. Have we asked them not to call again? Yes. Do they call again? Yes. Is this harassment? To us it is. Why will they not honor our request not to be called again? Oh, I forget, they are exempt!

When you have the fox watching the hen house beware!  The little foxes that refuse to include themselves in the do no call list should be asked to include themselves.  Write to your State representative and tell them about your displeasure of receiving calls to vote for them, and to include organizations who are backing propositions!

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Let Us Help You Be Legal…Illegally

At work the other day I took a phone call from a company whose name shall remain anonymous. What they were offering was astounding to me but it was not the first company to offer the company where I work something that would make you complicit in breaking the law. Let me tell you about the call I received the other day and then I will tell you about the call the I received from a different company not too long ago.

The call came in from a company that wanted to talk to the safety person and I spoke with them. They were offering a compilation of 825 meeting minutes to satisfy the CAL-OSHA requirement for meeting minutes of safety meetings. They covered the whole gamut of minutes that would cover the CAL-OSHA requirement.

What the heck kind of business is this? This is a company who feeds on the ignorance of small businesses who do not stay on top of the law! I am reminded of something I have heard over and over. Never trust anyone, and if the deal is too good to be true, it is a scam!

I politely told the fellow that we keep the minutes of our meetings as are required by CAL-OSHA. He then offered me a really good discount on required employment posters. I told him that this discount did not even bring the price down to what we pay on our standing order with the CA Chamber of Commerce.

The next scenario: We heard this from someone in our circle of friends, and we confirmed the story by contacting this company ourselves. Again, name not disclosed as we are just a couple of folks writing about our experience and cannot afford lawyers to defend the claims.

A company who ships alcoholic beverages direct to consumers was contacted by a company who can ship to “all” 50 States here in the U.S. We looked into the shipping laws for alcohol, and there are very strict requirements, and numerous licenses that are required. There are limits on what can be sent in a month, or a year. And, there are excise taxes that need to be paid to States. We also found that there are a number of states that indicate that it is a “FELONY” to send any alcohol to their state. But overall, licensing is required to ship any alcohol to any state without a license to do so.

So, the friends story: The friend got a call from a company, who can ship to all 50 states in the U.S. Yes, even those that are “FELONY” offenses. What this friend was told was that the business should package the alcohol in their own packaging, the shipping company will pick up the packaged alcohol, then take it to their facility, repack it and ship it themselves under the guise of “food.”

When asked about sending alcohol to the State of Utah, one of the felony states, the representative from the pitching company, indicated that they can do this with no repercussion to you! How marvelous is that when you get caught for being complicit.

There are people in the world who will try to circumvent the laws of a city, county, state, country, whatever. Again, if it seems to be too good to be true it is. Walk away as the folks in these two circumstances did!

The rave in this rant goes out to those people within those companies who realize that something doesn’t sound quite right and go with their gut feeling! Be aware and be square!

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Bread and Butter in Business

This is a post on the three B’s. Bread, butter, and business. If you plan on having a business or if you work for a business, the story is a story to always keep in mind. Whether you are a major corporation with millions of customers or just a small Mom and Pop business with 10 customers, please keep this story in mind when dealing with your customers. The story was provided to us by a friend who witnessed this exchange, and asked that her name be withheld.

* * * * * * * *

“It was tax season and I was working for a business that provided services to other businesses. A customer came in and delivered much needed paperwork, and met with the Captain of the ship and the interaction was in front of us: The crew.

The interaction:

Captain: “We have been calling and asking for this paperwork for a long time now! Why didn’t you bring this over sooner?”

The Client: Well, I was busy? (The customer was scratching his head at this point, and looked like a kid who was being scolded in school by no less than the principal.)

Captain: “Do not let this happen again! Do you hear me?”

The Client: “Ah…OK?” (Again in the tone of a question.) Imagine a dog walking away from you after being scolded with the tail between the legs, and this was our client walking out of our office! I felt like I was in shock as in my young career, I could not imagine anything like this happening. They do not teach you this type of interaction in school!

When the customer left, one of my crew members stood up from their post and asked the Captain “Do you know who butters your bread?”

The Captain, clearly baffled by such a question, and particularly one from a member of the crew, asked, “What are you really asking here?” Note that her hands were on her hips, with one foot forward that was tapping the ground in front of her.

Me and the rest of the crew members, holding our breath, sat up and took notice. The outspoken crew member said, “The person who butters your bread is the one who you just yelled at here in this office, in front of us, the crew, who earns their bread and butter from you.

Photo by

When you yell at a customer, particularly in front of us, your crew, we wonder where our bread and butter will come from if that customer goes somewhere else. They should go somewhere else with the way that you just spoke to them!”

The Captain flopped in a chair that was luckily behind her, and said, “They owe us this paperwork so that we can do the job we were hired to do!”

“Yes,” said the crew member, “They should bring this to us when we request it so that we can do the job we were hired to do, and even so, gentle reminders are received much better than the vinegar you just poured over their feet! You will be lucky if they ever return!”

I worked for this person for another couple of weeks and actually faked having sprained my neck, including wearing the neck brace, so that I could look for another job. I did get another job, and left her employ. The renegade who spoke up, ended up opening her own office, which flourished for years, and the Captains business: It disappeared because she had forgotten that if not for her customers, she would not have an income!

* * * * * * * *

The old adage of: “You can catch more flies with honey that vinegar” still holds true today. What business today needs to remember today is that they are replaceable. There is freedom of choice as to who people will work with and if you want to keep your customers, keep in mind that they butter your bread! You work for them!This was the rant to business, no matter who you are.

The Rave? Hugs to those in business who know how to treat their customers right and never forget where the money that sustains them comes from!

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My Favorite Color is Plaid – Who am I?

Well – if you answered a politician then you’d be correct.  Politicians, by nature, and I know this having listened to the same rhetoric for 60 years or so, they say what they think you want to hear.  Is that truthful?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Depends on the character of the person speaking, and of course on what you want to hear.

So plaid is the politicians’ color of choice because it has colors in it that most people like and is non-specific.  It is not simply black and white as their rhetoric should be.  Go figure! I bring this up because our national elections loom over us here in the USA.   With those we must also endure State elections, county elections, city elections and on and on…….  Additionally with State elections we will have the usual plethora of measures and propositions to read and vote on.  That would be great if they were written in plain language rather than polideceptivague (a new adjective, pronounced pol lee dee sep ti vage – meaning  politically deceptive and vague language).

One thing is guaranteed – as soon as they get sworn into office they will do as they please and generally forget what the vaguely promised.  Yet they will always remember their favorite color being plaid.

When our country’s forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution there were no lobbyists. In a way the country was the lobbyist, as things the government did over 200 years ago  were done with the people and the country in mind.

Now its banks,  pharmaceuticals , big oil, and a myriad of others that make sure their wants are met by ensuring their battalions of lobbyists are always present and standing side by side with far too many of our elected officials. 

Going back 236 years ago to the beginning of this country I have to say those forefathers were very intelligent people.  They declared independence, fought a war the remainder of the world didn’t think they could win, and presented the foundation of the nation’s laws in a constitution.  And it was with the background of those experiences they wisely adopted the need of the citizens to have future revolutions against tyranny.

What? Where in any federal documents does it allow for a revolution?  Forgot already?  It’s better known as VOTING.  We, the people, can completely eject all of our “leaders” every 2, 4 and 6 years and simply by voting.  This is a peaceful revolution, one in which a government can be toppled simply by the flip of a lever, or the signing of a ballot.  Yet many politicians in too many States are making it more and more difficult for voters to vote. 

Do you live in a rural area were you can no longer drive possibly due to age?  Because of this you can’t get your voter card, because they can’t be mailed for fear of it falling into a non-voters hand.  It is unbelievably pathetic to what lengths politicians will go to.   I don’t make this stuff up.  You may have seen it on your nightly news or the morning newspaper.  You can also click on How politicians are rigging the votes  for information.

I’ve been voting since I was 18 and that was several decades ago.  It has saddened me, greatly, that there is so much apathy in the country, or is it ignorance.  Hm….I don’t know and I don’t care………………and therein lies a huge problem.

I plan on using my Constitutional Right to commit revolution come this November and I hope you will do the same.  Our country is in sad shape, and that shape has come from our politicians.  We need new ones, badly, not repackaged ones, not ones with GOP or DNC backgrounds and buddies, or those with their hands in the pockets of big business.  And the same old “Independent Party” candidates are NO better than the off the shelf democrats or republicans. 

The fix for this country is getting jobs to the people.  It’s real simple, if you’re not making an income then you don’t have extra to spend, no extra to spend means less sales, less sales means it is bad for businesses, bad for businesses means job losses, job losses means more of the same, kind of like being on a giant rodent treadmill.  Corporate America has made sure too many jobs went to China, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Costa Rica, Mexico and others, and with the blessing of our current politicians they gladly did so. 

Harumph, harumph the corporate board members cajoled and slapped each other on the back when they could cut jobs, outsource to China and collect another 5 cents per share of stock.  And they got to keep their jobs!

If your current elected officials really cared they would have prevented this, they would have had better oversight on banks,  Wall Street, and big business.  I know most will say, ‘hey, it’s the American way, big business is entitled to make more’.  But at what cost? And if you agree with that you must not be un-employed.  As for me, I’m retired and I still think it stinks. If politicians really cared they’d be on Social Security and Medicare as well!  That’ll happen……. yeah right!!!

So when plaid becomes your favorite color too,  then another voice for reason just fell by the wayside into the gutter of apathy and ignorance.  Just the way your politician wants it!

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Remember –

As today is 9-11, the anniversary of the worst attack on the citizens of the US, I wanted to send a rave to those that have protected us over the years.

To our military, fire fighters, police, sheriffs, paramedics, doctors, nurses, rescue animals and all that have dedicated all, or part of their life, to helping….Thank You!

Also a rememberance to those that passed away due to this senseless act, and a   rememberance to those that have, due to similar cruel acts against innocent people, have lost their lives in this country and all over the Earth.

Today’s rant is to those few of this world that think that their way of life must be forced down the throats of others…….to them…….go to hell!

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