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OOH, I like to do the side step……………..

Ever see the movie Best Little Whore House In Texas?  If not you must, if for no other reason than to see one excellent scene.  For those that have not seen the film here is a brief ….. Bert Reynolds … Continue reading

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Cruisin’ down the highway……..

Recently Wrant and Wrave took a short break from writing any blogs as we both needed a well deserved vacation.  If you have read our series it generally has to do with a (w)rant rather than a (w)rave. Well, it’s … Continue reading

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Remember –

As today is 9-11, the anniversary of the worst attack on the citizens of the US, I wanted to send a rave to those that have protected us over the years. To our military, fire fighters, police, sheriffs, paramedics, doctors, … Continue reading

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Going Once, Going Twice, — Bend Over!?

For more than a decade I have been an online member of the Jumbo Auction.  You know the one, huge, big, ginormous (OK a made up word).  The one all other on-line auctions try to emulate, only because of the massive … Continue reading

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Stain On Them

As promised this is another wrant on corporate USA and some steps taken to alleviate the “We don’t care” attitude that many companies seem to take these days.  So, sit back, read on, and pick up a few more tidbits … Continue reading

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