Prepping for the Propositions

OK, so we have about 3 weeks till we vote.  Being in California we have 11 State Propositions on our ballot in addition to any local county or city issues.  Add to that the politicians, judges, supervisors, school boards, and other lesser positions, that are all up for grabs.

Whether in California, or another State , we are now inundated with advertisements.  Vote Yes! Vote No!  Vote for me as my opponent is a liar!  I know what’s best for you, so vote for me!  It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green Party, or Purple Power advocate – enough is enough!

However, we must not forget that what we do as voters will be affecting all of us in the all to near future.   A recent post from Wrant and Wrave dealt with California’s Prop. 30 and how both sides, supporters and opponents,  of that Prop. are spinning fact and fiction.

I received my Vote by Mail ballot today from my county’s registrar of voters.  I still haven’t received the State’s booklet which lists the summaries for all the State propositions.  Guess the State can’t afford the paper and ink.  Yet I need to know more about these propositions  that will be affecting me, the State, and of course MY WALLET!

I was able to find a website that lists all the information needed.  It is not a State sponsored site, why would it be?  This site lists the individual proposition’s provisions, pro and con statements, who is backing the pro or con sides of the issue, how much money both sides are spending and best of all it is not biased to either side.

I’ve read through the vast listings and was pretty impressed with the write ups.  I urge you, especially you California readers, to go to this site and get the facts.  Forget the TV, radio, and newspaper ads and get both sides of the stories.  For those not in California, please visit the website and find the links to your State’s election issues.

About 1/4 of the way down the page, and to the right side, is a box with the California State flag.  Below that is a list of the propositions.  Each is linked to a page with information on that particular issue. We have copied and pasted the links for the 11 propositions farther below.

Remember – an informed person is one that will make a better decision.  Find out the who, what, and why.  Click the link below and help yourself to understand the real issues.  Don’t let the “spin doctors” keep you ignorant of the true facts of each side of a proposition.

Individual prop links are listed below for quicker access.

Flag of California.png
November 6
Proposition 30
Proposition 31
Proposition 32
Proposition 33
Proposition 34
Proposition 35
Proposition 36
Proposition 37
Proposition 38
Proposition 39
Proposition 40

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One Response to Prepping for the Propositions

  1. PJ says:

    Went to the website that the blog links to and it is as described. I was able to garnish information to make, what I believe, are wise decisions on the propositions. I recommend using the links for information which definetly is unbiased!!!!

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