OOH, I like to do the side step……………..

Ever see the movie Best Little Whore House In Texas?  If not you must, if for no other reason than to see one excellent scene.  For those that have not seen the film here is a brief …..

Bert Reynolds plays a small town sheriff,  Dolly Parton is his girl and also a madam at the Chicken Ranch (the house of ill repute) and Charles Durning plays the governor of Texas, the State in which the story takes place.  Make no mistake, his part fulfills every States’ politicians’ actions, not just Texas.  Say much without saying a word!

OK – so where does the Side Step come in that is mentioned in this article’s title?  Well, it is Charles Durning’s character.  He plays the quintessential politician in this film.  He says a lot and never gives an answer.  His part earned him a nomination for an Academy Award. 

His five minutes of doing the Side Step is priceless and as it is an election year it is most appropriate.  Click, or paste and copy, this link – http://youtu.be/NJG75FJkjr8  and enjoy the five minutes as they clearly show us how are politicians act, especially in an election year.  And listen for the comments of the actors playing news reporters.  Just like real life!

And remeber, as mentioned in an earlier blog, a politicians favorite color is plaid.  Go figure!


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One Response to OOH, I like to do the side step……………..

  1. PJ says:

    Excellent video outake! Yes – it does portray our politicians perfectly! A must see, and a real toe tapper as well.

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