Who is better……….?

Better at putting a spin on things. Is it a Disk Jockey or a politician? If you picked the latter you win! I hate election years in the good ol’ USA. The lies that are spun on both sides of an issue create enough BS to fill every septic tank in the State. Let’s take California’s Prop. 30 for example.

Prop 30 raises the State sales tax 1/4 percent. It also raises the tax rates for those individuals making more than $250K per year and for couples the amount is $500K. That is the simple basics of what this Proposition does to the citizens. So – what do the Spin Doctor Politicians and groups say? Let’s see

Politicians say that if passed Prop 30 will keep them, the politicians, from using the money for anything but helping fund schools……….LIE #1; politicians say that the increase in taxes is temporary (when have you known of a politician not wanting more, getting it, and then holding on to it…never!)…….LIE #2; politicians say

“Without Prop. 30, our schools and colleges face an additional $6 billion in devastating cuts this year. Prop. 30 is the only initiative that prevents those cuts and provides billions in new funding for our schools starting this year—money that can be spent on smaller class sizes, up-to-date textbooks and rehiring teachers.”    LIE #3 as there are no mandates that the politicians must use the money for education!

“Prop. 30 is the only measure that establishes a guarantee for public safety funding in our state’s constitution, where it can’t be touched without voter approval. Prop. 30 keeps cops on the street.”  FINALLY not a Lie, this is the only mandate within the proposition.

“Prop. 30 balances our budget and helps pay down California’s debt—built up by years of gimmicks and borrowing. It is a critical step in stopping the budget shortfalls that plague California.”  LIE #4 as there are, again, no specifics as to where the extra money will go and it will probably just go to the general fund to be spent anywhere and anyway the politicians want.

“To protect schools and safety, Prop. 30 temporarily increases personal income taxes on the highest earners—couples with incomes over $500,000 a year—and establishes the sales tax at a rate lower than it was last year. Prop. 30’s taxes are temporary, balanced and necessary to protect schools and safety.”  LIE #5 as it also increase taxes on the individual with a $250K income, and does not guarantee any money to schools, so how can it protect schools????

“Only highest-income earners pay more income tax: Prop. 30 asks those who earn the most to temporarily pay more income taxes. Couples earning below $500,000 a year will pay no additional income taxes.” PARTIAL truth as they make no mention of individuals, only couples.

“All new revenue is temporary: Prop. 30’s taxes are temporary, and this initiative cannot be modified without a vote of the people. The very highest earners will pay more for seven years. The sales tax provision will be in effect for four years.”  ONLY time will tell on this one.

As for the opponents – here are some of their spins………

  • There is no guarantee in the way it is written that the money would be used for schools. Thus, opponents say, it is a “$50 million shell game.” To buttress this argument, opponents quote the California School Boards Association, which in May 2012 said, “the Governor’s initiative does not provide new funding for schools.”
  • “Nothing in Prop 30 reforms our education system to cut waste, eliminate bureaucracy or cut administrative overhead.”
  • Instead of supporting education, the new tax money raised by Proposition 30 will really go to “backfill the insolvent teacher’s pension fund.”
  • “The Governor, politicians and special interests behind Proposition 30 threaten voters. They say ‘vote for our massive tax increase or we’ll take it out on schools,’ but at the same time, they refuse to reform the education or pension systems to save money.”
  • “Politicians would rather raise taxes instead of streamlining thousands of state-funded programs…look at what they just did: politicians authorized nearly $5 billion in California bonds for the ‘bullet train to nowhere’, costing taxpayers $380 million a year. Let’s use those dollars for schools! Instead, the politicians gave us a false choice — raise sales taxes by $1 billion per year and raise income taxes on small businesses OR cut schools.”

Those groups in favor of this Prop have spent $41 million, those opposed about $3 million. Too bad these two groups won’t pool their monies and give it to the State, then none of us will be threatened with higher taxes. 

Ask yourself this question — Why would you want to give politicians more of your money as they have proven all too well that they can’t manage what they already get.  Why should we pay for their screw-ups?

So, who does one believe?  The only spin doctor I believe is the guy playing records.


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2 Responses to Who is better……….?

  1. PJ says:

    Oh so true. Politicians and special interest groups will tell a tale and be as good as the Brothers Grimm in doing it. I also agree, why do I want to give more of my money to the politicos? I don’t have enough as it is for my wife and myself. And with prices of everything always going up where do I have to make cuts in my lifestyle so I can give more money to those that can’t manage it in the first place, namely the politicians. Well, in case you can’t tell, I’m voting a big NO on this one. That .25% sales tax increase is more than I can afford!!!!!!!!!!!!(thanks to politicians and oil companies)

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