Will You Pay Me Back?

The fight is on for votes on the upcoming elections. Have you heard about the one political party candidates who want to get rid of Medicare?


For those who do not know, Medicare is a social insurance program started in 1965 that guarantees health insurance to those over 65. As I am approaching this age, and I see that there are those who want to get rid of this program I have to ask some questions.

To those politicians that want to do away with Medicare, here is my first and foremost question: If you get rid of Medicare will you pay me the money that I have put into this fund over the last 40 years? I have quite a bit of money accumulated in this fund, and if you do away with this, well then, I want the money you deducted from my paychecks over the years to be returned to me.

Is there any hope of getting that money back if they do away with this program? No. The plan is to keep the money, which does not quite seem fair now does it?

How does this affect the politician? It doesn’t. They are above the law in this regard and do not have to pay into Medicare, nor do they pay into Social Security, which is another program that is heading to the chopping block.

Think of Medicare and Social Security as an annuity. You put money into this fund as as it sits there the amount of money grows as it earns interest. If you have not been a “big” wage earner, then this is all you have to help you when you enter retirement. So another question: Who is going to take care of me in my retirement years if they get rid of the two programs that I paid into? Can you see the numbers of folks ending up on the streets in their 60’s-70’s? How sad is that?

Now to all you baby boomers out there, this is the time to have a peaceful revolution. Let us oust those who want to take our money and run! Fight for the money you worked hard to earn which you paid into these funds. Do not allow those politicians to deprive you of your right to health insurance and the retirement fund that you paid into!


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One Response to Will You Pay Me Back?

  1. PJ says:

    Sadly it’s just not one politician but entire groups of politicians. These people should either be ousted from office, or if they are newly running for an office they should not be voted for. The nerve and ego of these folks is staggering and trying to ram down our throats what they think is best is absurd. Why 535 people are above what the other 300,000,000 have to live with is appalling. Talk about special interests!!!!!!!!!

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