Cruisin’ down the highway……..

Recently Wrant and Wrave took a short break from writing any blogs as we both needed a well deserved vacation.  If you have read our series it generally has to do with a (w)rant rather than a (w)rave.

Well, it’s time for a rave.  Our vacation was a driving one this time.  We didn’t venture too far from home as we hadn’t visited our neighboring counties in years.  So this vacation we decided to visit California’s Gold Country and one of the most beautiful national parks, Yosemite.

Our California politicians are always whining that the State is broke, there is no money for anything, other than politicians, and as such we didn’t expect our State highways to be in decent shape.  Little did we know how great they have been maintained.  Generally I am one to badger our State’s department of transportation for they have not always been the most efficient agency.

Well, this year anyway, I must do a 180 degree turn on my usual viewpoint. 

As we travelled on State Highway 49, which traverses the gold country of the State, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that most of it has been repaved.  Those sections not newly paved were in good enough shape not to warrant repaving.  State highways 108, 120, and 4 were all in beautiful condition in this area of the State.  As with Hwy 49 they were either newly paved or in excellent enough condition not to need repaving. 

The roads were so smooth our old car’s ride improved and smoothed as we went along.

So – in this rare rave – I say thank you to CalTrans for doing a great job in making these highways a safe and enjoyable experience.

But then I almost forgot – it is an election year!


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One Response to Cruisin’ down the highway……..

  1. PJ says:

    Good to hear that the roads have been taken care of and some government agencies can perform during a financial downturn.

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