Good night David, Goodnight Chet, and good night from….

If you remember that sign off then you will know of what I speak.  Mid 1950’s the TV news is not as it is today.  National news was a fifteen minute program for NBC.  CBS pumped that up to a thirty minute show and so the others had to follow.

Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite, now these guys were reporters.  They garnished news and facts and reported them in a manner that made people trust their reporting.  They had backgrounds in war, politics, researching, and stating what was on their mind or asking questions.

Yes, they were reporters, anchormen, TV personalities, but they reported on real news, real sorrow, real tragedy.  They were accepted as being men of their word, respectable, honest, and they told us that that’s the way it is.  At one point in his life Walter Cronkite was held in higher regard than any other person in this country.

Granted they had corporate sponsors, sponsors have money, money talks.  Yet I never had the feeling these men were promoting hidden agendas, corporate viewpoints, or stated anything not factually true.

Fast forward 50 or 60 years and it just ain’t the same any more.  I can’t, probably won’t, and simply do not trust news agencies anymore.  They remind me of William Randolph Hearst and how he manipulated his empire to report news in a manner that wasn’t necessarily true, bloated with mis-information, and his empire was used to get what he wanted.  Not necessarily a good thing.  That was 100 plus years ago, and those folks are back.  Now remember, this is my opinion, maybe right, maybe wrong, but at least I have it.

One TV news company has a small canine breeds name. This company will blatantly take facts and twist, bend and edit them to be molded in some half truth they want you to hear.  Another TV news leader with a capital letters name, does the same but in so doing does a reverse twist, reverse bend, and reverse edit so that they can mold the news to be dialectically opposed to their competitor. 

Don’t even get me started on Internet News and reporting!  Usually their reports are a regurgitation of TV news, and sometimes TV news is a regurgitation of the Internet.  Too many times I have seen a local news anchor harvesting news from his close-by computer screen which is tuned to Wahoo news, or some such site.

TV news no longer has the credibility it used to.  These news groups now simply bend to their master’s(owner’s) will.  They must report only what they want you to hear in a fashion that behooves them, not your intellect.  They will try to pound their rhetoric and viewpoint into your head until you simply don’t know any better due to confusion.  This is done simply to gather political favor, corporate money, and wage war with your intelligence.

And none of these ‘reporters’ asks questions, have you ever really noticed this?  They say they do but not really.  Why hasn’t anyone asked the simple question of Mr. Mitt Romney which is, “Why aren’t you showing us your tax returns, what are you hiding from the people you want to vote for you?”  Or of the current President, “President Obama, why haven’t more jobs been created for the country’s unemployed? Should the government require American companies to hire American workers?”

The persona that TV news shows emit, in these days, again my opinion, is simple regurgitation of a news story that came from some other source.  Investigative TV news is non-existent.  Most TV news is told with corporate rhetoric in mind, which only benefits the TV news owner(s).

Below is a brief excerpt from a write-up about Walter Cronkite – bet you can’t mention a TV news person these days that would try to get equality for you if you wanted to run for a political office.

Excerpt begins – Cronkite was a vocal advocate for free airtime for political candidates.[8] He worked with the Alliance for Better Campaigns[8] and Common Cause,[9] for instance, on an unsuccessful lobbying effort to have an amendment added to the McCain-Feingold-Shays-Meehan Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2001 that would have required TV broadcast companies to provide free airtime to candidates. Cronkite criticized the present system of campaign finance which allows elections to “be purchased” by special interests, and he noted that all the European democracies “provide their candidates with extensive free airtime.”[58] “In fact,” Cronkite pointed out, “of all the major nations worldwide that profess to have democracies, only seven — just seven — do not offer free airtime”[58] This put the United States on a list with Ecuador, Honduras, Malaysia, Taiwan, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago. Cronkite concluded that “The failure to give free airtime for our political campaigns endangers our democracy.”[58] During the elections held in 2000, the amount spent by candidates in the major TV markets approached $1 billion. “What our campaign asks is that the television industry yield just a tiny percentage of that windfall, less than 1 percent, to fund free airtime.”

So when I see the perfect tooth smile, perfect hair grooming, $3000 suits and dresses, and other repair work to today’s TV news folk I simply don’t watch because I can’t believe in them as people who should be unbiased and truthful in what they tell us.  There simply seems to be no integrity anymore.

And that’s the way it is September, 2012. Good night David; Good night Chet, and good night from all of us here at wrantandrave.


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One Response to Good night David, Goodnight Chet, and good night from….

  1. babso2you says:

    I am constantly amazed after reading a news article on Yahoo News to hear the story 2-3 days later on the local area news network. I too am puzzled by the lack of the investigative reporting that we have today. Yes, why aren’t questions being asked that dig deeper into a story being reported?

    And too, news stations, like Fox, slant the news to the viewpoint of the owner and they tell you what they want you to know and believe, not what the real story is. Political gain to be had by those this station supports.

    What is even more sad is that the people of this country do not stop and ask questions. It would seem that this country has become a bunch of sheep being led by the nose, all the while those that are leading those sheep are laughing behind their hands like that dog from the cartoon, Mutley. Heeeheeeheeeheeehee!

    All about the mighty buck isn’t it? Isn’t greed one of the seven deadly sins? Do not believe all that you hear and do some investigation yourself before following the path laid out to you by those who do not care one iota about you!

    Great post WrantAndWrave!

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