Phone Calls continued – HELLO!

An earlier blog ‘Why Are Political Calls Exempt?’ hit on the subject of the National Do Not Call Registry.  This write-up continues that topic but with the unwanted solicitations of those that want your money.  (Granted – politicians want your money as well, but this deals with private businesses.)

We all receive the unsolicited calls for such things as: sell your time share, improve your credit, refinance your house, and similar calls. When you answer the phone and say hello there is usually a pause, then either a robotic recording starts spewing their spiel or a non-coherent person begins a sales babblethon.

With the robot you have no choice but to hang up. With the person you can state that you’re on the Do Not Call registry and ask why they are calling only then to be hung up on. I must have received at least 10 calls from some outfit that has a message that begins, “Hello, this is credit card services, no there is nothing wrong with your credit card accounts, however, we can lower your interest rates, press one to speak to a representative, press three to stop receiving these phone calls.”

Let me simply put it this way, I have worn out the number three button on my phone.

Usually you do not get a real name of a business, if you press one and do talk to a person and ask for a business name they usually hang up.

What our phone companies should offer us is free Incoming Call blocking. That way we could program our phones with only the telephone numbers we wish to hear from, period, simple, end of problem. Just like spam for our e-mail. Our phone company does have call blocking but it is for blocking numbers we don’t want others, those who may be using our phone, to call.  They also offer a form of call blocking for the last number that called, or if you know the phone number of the call you want to block.  Why can’t they just take a list of phone numbers I want to ring through then every other number would be blocked.  The technology is there, but then I guess the phone company would have to spend some of their own money to write a program to do this.  Presently any blocking the phone company does offer is a pay service.  I think some phone manufacturer should begin to build this into their phones. 

My advice is to have fun. If you get one of these annoying calls then play along.  An example conversation can go like this:

Ring, Ring – “Hello”, (pause)”Hello!” Then you hear, “Yes, hello my name is Tim and I’m calling about your timeshare, we’re interested in buying it.” You- “Oh, sure glad you called. You can have it for $250 thousand.” Tim, “Well, ah, oh, it’s not worth that kind of money.” You – “But you called me wanting to buy it so you can have it for the $250 thousand, I didn’t call you so I assume you must really want it. Oh, and I’ll need that in cash, sorry no checks.” Tim- simply hangs up.

The point is whether or not there is a Do Not Call Registry you will get calls from those that are exempt, not exempt, politicians, groups, and whatever group or individual that wants your money. So have fun, if a Democrat calls tell them your a Republican, and vice versa. A pollster- tell them you can’t vote as a condition of your parole since being let go from prison. A telemarketer – tell them you already bought their crap and thank them for calling because you need their address to return it and couldn’t find it anywhere. You get the idea. Turn lemons into lemonade.

I can hardly wait for my next unsolicited phone call!  My way of ‘blocking’ will be cheaper than the phone company, and more fun.


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One Response to Phone Calls continued – HELLO!

  1. PJ says:

    Great idea, basically be annoying to the annoyer. I’m going to give it a try myself.

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