My Favorite Color is Plaid – Who am I?

Well – if you answered a politician then you’d be correct.  Politicians, by nature, and I know this having listened to the same rhetoric for 60 years or so, they say what they think you want to hear.  Is that truthful?  Maybe yes and maybe no.  Depends on the character of the person speaking, and of course on what you want to hear.

So plaid is the politicians’ color of choice because it has colors in it that most people like and is non-specific.  It is not simply black and white as their rhetoric should be.  Go figure! I bring this up because our national elections loom over us here in the USA.   With those we must also endure State elections, county elections, city elections and on and on…….  Additionally with State elections we will have the usual plethora of measures and propositions to read and vote on.  That would be great if they were written in plain language rather than polideceptivague (a new adjective, pronounced pol lee dee sep ti vage – meaning  politically deceptive and vague language).

One thing is guaranteed – as soon as they get sworn into office they will do as they please and generally forget what the vaguely promised.  Yet they will always remember their favorite color being plaid.

When our country’s forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and later the Constitution there were no lobbyists. In a way the country was the lobbyist, as things the government did over 200 years ago  were done with the people and the country in mind.

Now its banks,  pharmaceuticals , big oil, and a myriad of others that make sure their wants are met by ensuring their battalions of lobbyists are always present and standing side by side with far too many of our elected officials. 

Going back 236 years ago to the beginning of this country I have to say those forefathers were very intelligent people.  They declared independence, fought a war the remainder of the world didn’t think they could win, and presented the foundation of the nation’s laws in a constitution.  And it was with the background of those experiences they wisely adopted the need of the citizens to have future revolutions against tyranny.

What? Where in any federal documents does it allow for a revolution?  Forgot already?  It’s better known as VOTING.  We, the people, can completely eject all of our “leaders” every 2, 4 and 6 years and simply by voting.  This is a peaceful revolution, one in which a government can be toppled simply by the flip of a lever, or the signing of a ballot.  Yet many politicians in too many States are making it more and more difficult for voters to vote. 

Do you live in a rural area were you can no longer drive possibly due to age?  Because of this you can’t get your voter card, because they can’t be mailed for fear of it falling into a non-voters hand.  It is unbelievably pathetic to what lengths politicians will go to.   I don’t make this stuff up.  You may have seen it on your nightly news or the morning newspaper.  You can also click on How politicians are rigging the votes  for information.

I’ve been voting since I was 18 and that was several decades ago.  It has saddened me, greatly, that there is so much apathy in the country, or is it ignorance.  Hm….I don’t know and I don’t care………………and therein lies a huge problem.

I plan on using my Constitutional Right to commit revolution come this November and I hope you will do the same.  Our country is in sad shape, and that shape has come from our politicians.  We need new ones, badly, not repackaged ones, not ones with GOP or DNC backgrounds and buddies, or those with their hands in the pockets of big business.  And the same old “Independent Party” candidates are NO better than the off the shelf democrats or republicans. 

The fix for this country is getting jobs to the people.  It’s real simple, if you’re not making an income then you don’t have extra to spend, no extra to spend means less sales, less sales means it is bad for businesses, bad for businesses means job losses, job losses means more of the same, kind of like being on a giant rodent treadmill.  Corporate America has made sure too many jobs went to China, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Costa Rica, Mexico and others, and with the blessing of our current politicians they gladly did so. 

Harumph, harumph the corporate board members cajoled and slapped each other on the back when they could cut jobs, outsource to China and collect another 5 cents per share of stock.  And they got to keep their jobs!

If your current elected officials really cared they would have prevented this, they would have had better oversight on banks,  Wall Street, and big business.  I know most will say, ‘hey, it’s the American way, big business is entitled to make more’.  But at what cost? And if you agree with that you must not be un-employed.  As for me, I’m retired and I still think it stinks. If politicians really cared they’d be on Social Security and Medicare as well!  That’ll happen……. yeah right!!!

So when plaid becomes your favorite color too,  then another voice for reason just fell by the wayside into the gutter of apathy and ignorance.  Just the way your politician wants it!


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2 Responses to My Favorite Color is Plaid – Who am I?

  1. PJ says:

    Excellent! I must agree with the blog. It is time for a sweeping change of politicians and all the garbage they come up with. And, although not in the blog, it’s time for some of those big businesses like Wells Fargo and Chase to pay back the bailout loans they got from we the people.

  2. babso2you says:

    If I ran my business the way that the bailed out banks ran their business, I have to ask: Will the folks in plaid bail me out? No! The problem in this country is people believe the BS they are fed by the politicians, the news media, and from all the mis-information over the internet. If you want to find out what the truth is about something, do the research. This article resounds with the truth, and I applaud the collaboration that put this together!

    Just check your punctuation. The period is always inside the parentheses.

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